Sinus lift & Bone block augmentation

vertical and horizontal bone augmentation (Biological concept)

2023 | November 07-08


Dr. Ariel Savion

Master of science in oral implantology (MOI) and Lasers in Dentistry (AALZ)

Dr. Puria Parvini

Master of Science in Periodontology and Implantology from German association of Periodontology ( DGParo)

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Day 1

Part 1

bone block augmentation - biological concept

  • Anatomical structures Oral anatomy for implant dentistry.
  • preoperative analysis 3D with CBCT and Conventional
  • Surgical Instrumentation
  • Indications, advantages and disadvantages
  • Patient Management
  • Split bone block (SBB) for vertical and horizontal augmentation
  • Microsaw protocol (khoury)
  • Piezo surgery protocol (Parvini)
  • simultaneous or a staged approach Ridge augmentation with autogenous grafts and GBR
  • Intraoral bone harvesting: instruments, bone grafts from the retromolar area, chin grafts
  • Augmentation techniques with limitations: bone spreading, bone splitting, bone expanding,
  • Surgical procedure and flap design
  • Treatment of donor side
  • Type of sutures and SUTURE TECHNIQUE.
  • Coronally advanced Flap with releasing incisions
  • Complications and complications management
  • Intraoperative Bleeding
  • Flap Perforations

Part 2

Hands- On

bone harvesting and augmentation on Fresh sheep head.

Day 2

Part 1

Theoretical part

  • Anatomy of the sinus and surrounding structures
  • Patient education & documentation
  • Cone Beam Computer tomography for preoperative analysis in implant patients
  • Treatment options for sinus floor elevation procedures and bone grating strategies
  • Microsurgical approach and Flap design
  • Crestal sinus lift and bone splitting
  • Sinus floor elevation with the lateral window technique
  • Sinus floor elevation from the palatal side
  • Different instruments for the preparation of the lateral window
  • Hydrodynamic Piezosurgery sinus elevation
  • The schneiderian membrane – practical tips how to elevate it
  • Augmentation materials and techniques with special consideration of sinus floor augmentation
  • Preparation techniques of the implant site with low residual bone height
  • Combination with lateral augmentation
  • Sinus floor augmentation without bone grafting
  • Complex techniques for posterior maxillary reconstruction
  • Intra operative and post-operative complications
  • Management of complications (rare anatomical features, Bleeding risks due to arterial blood Vessels in the lateral bony wall of the sinus, Handling of membrane perforations, dealing with polyps, mucoceles, Procedure for transversal and sagittal septa, external floor elevation after previous ENT- Treatment, medical interventions, endoscopically monitored sinus lift
  • Contraindications for sinus lift

Part 2

Hands- On

On Egg and Models and Sheep preparations are used to train minimally invasive surgical techniques for GBR & Sinus Lift.


Master Implant

Course duration: two days clinical case presentation and hands on under microscope

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